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Meet Bryan Cohn

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Granville and Vance Counties are home to me. My grandparents helped raise me in Henderson. My wife and I married in downtown Henderson at First United Methodist Church. We are raising our three kids right here in Oxford. I know these communities. That’s why I believe in our potential if we have the sensible, forward-thinking, and sane leadership we need to meet this moment. ​

Here’s my commitment to you: I promise to work as hard for you as you do to support yourself and your family. I will listen to you and fight tirelessly to deliver for you, your family, and everyone across our communities.


I never intended to run for public office. Then, I witnessed the events of January 6th, 2021. As I watched in horror the insurrection taking place at our Capitol that day, I wondered how we got here. I thought about what kind of future we’re leaving for our kids. That’s when I knew that I could no longer stay on the sidelines and that it was time for me to take action. That’s when I decided to run for public office.

Public Servant

I ran for the Oxford Board of Commissioners in 2021 and have been honored to serve our community for the past two years in that role. During that time, the Board has worked together to get things done for working families. This includes:

  • Long-awaited water and sewer infrastructure replacement, which is among one of the most progressive such projects in the country for a community of our size

  • Zoning approval for over 5,000 new homes to address the issue of rising home and rental costs

  • Substantial pay increases for city employees, including police and firefighters, an action which has helped us fill critical positions that were long vacant


I’m a dedicated professional in the agricultural industry. Every day, I work with people of all different races and backgrounds across our country to help them keep their farms going, from manufacturing plant production to food safety and quality. That work has taught me the value our farmers provide to our communities. It’s also trained me to be a problem-solver and to get things done.

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